Working Together Should Amplify Our Greatness, Not Hide It.

Successful collaborations occur when individuals feel their unique contributions are respected and their voice is valued. This is why individual-focused communication is essential in enhancing your corporate culture.

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My Communication Philosophy

Communication requires us to be in touch with the voice within. This means we must be seen as individuals first and employees second. When people feel deeply supported, they will bring their whole selves to work and unleash their greatness—creating space for each individual to flourish.

My communication training skips the awkward teamwork activities and uncomfortable conflict management practices. Instead, I assess the energy every individual brings into the room and train them on building lifelong communication skills that will improve their quality of life and work.

It’s high time we stretch beyond one-time conflict resolutions and refocus on nurturing the growth of each employee.

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As a continuation from the previous masterclass, I will personally work with a group of employees (typically from a specific department) and coach them on how to communicate with authenticity and self-assurance. Instead of mediating, I will provide the insights and tools needed to excel in every interaction at work, at home, and most importantly, with themselves. By making an investment in each individual, we will enhance the potential of the whole team.

Virtual masterclasses start at $6500
In-person masterclasses start at $7500

Communication Starts With You II


In this highly interactive masterclass, attendees will learn how to tap into their inner voice first so they can better communicate with peers. Together, we’ll write personalized scripts based on real-life scenarios and create a safe, encouraging space to practice delivering them. Employees will gain the self-awareness and skillset needed to effectively communicate their wants and needs, giving them the clarity and confidence they’ve been searching for.

Virtual masterclasses start at $6500
In-person masterclasses start at $7500

Communication Starts With You I

Go Beyond


Let’s reimagine team development days by flipping the script and focusing on personal development. If you want to trade awkward team exercises and games for reflective prompts that breathe restorative energy into each individual, this will be a great fit. Through guided meditations and a group-led affirmation of each person’s uniqueness, employees will be able to stand in their greatness and remember why their contributions are valued at your company. 

Full day in-person training starts at $15,000
I’m available for travel worldwide

Team Development Days


We cannot separate who we are at home from who we are at work. When we struggle to communicate with our children, it can affect all other areas of work and life. If you want to deeply invest in your employees, this engaging masterclass could be a great fit. After working with over 30,000 children and founding a preschool at 21, I bring my experiential expertise into this training to inspire and equip employees to have healthy interactions with their children.

Virtual masterclasses start at $6500
In-person masterclasses start at $7500

Communication with Little Leaders

Let’s Enhance Your Culture with My Communication Training

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