Organizational Growth Starts With Individual Growth.

You’re here because you think differently. Most corporations are overly concerned with the health of their teams, not the people within them. Unlike them, you understand the individuals in your organization don’t just make the culture; they are the culture. To strengthen your communication, create a collaborative environment, grow your profits, and scale your company, you need to put the focus where it belongs: on the success of each individual. 

I inspire and teach forward-thinking corporations to build an individual-first culture that radically transforms their organization from the inside out.

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I love working with forward thinkers and innovative leaders who understand the long-lasting impact of individualization in the workplace. In a world that prioritizes automation and sameness, my message of “unity is not uniformity” is influencing corporations around the world. When I’m facilitating group trainings, speaking on stages, or coaching on communication, I want to hold each person in their greatness and affirm they are enough.

Communication Expert. Trainer. Speaker. Coach.

Meet Heather

For your organization to truly thrive, you need to invest in the whole person in front of you, not simply who shows up to work. This is why the best team development is personal development.

We must invest in the whole person.


We don't take away from each other when we stand in our greatness; we actually feed each other. Organizations who believe this will empower their employees to excel in any circumstance.

We all need to be reminded of our greatness.


What if we believed what makes us different unites us rather than separates us? Our uniqueness is our superpower. Organizations will prosper when they’re able to identify and amplify the exceptional strengths of each individual.

We are built to evolve and contribute. 


My Philosophy

Opened See World Learning Center


Met a boy at the lake and married him 9 months later.


Opened Touch of Life Wellness Center


Welcomed our baby boy home


Authored Award winning book “How to Raise a Happy Child (and be happy too)


Authored Wise Talk from the Other Side


Launched Communication Training


I get to facilitate group trainings, speak on stages, coach on communication, but most importantly, I get to hold each person in their greatness and affirm they are enough.


Now The Real Work Can Begin

Let’s Work Together

If we share the same philosophy, let’s talk about how we can positively transform your organization through better communication and practices that foster individual growth. To learn more about my corporate training, keynote speaking, and coaching, start by scheduling a free discovery call. 

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